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  • Agreements & Contracts

    As a client and when registering, you will agree with Events Dragon terms of use, privacy policy and more.  Prior to booking clients, you will need be confirm the payment terms and timing for payments for your event.  Then, at the time we confirm a booking with the vendors you select, you will be asked to e-sign the vendors' contracts, locking in their booking for you.

  • Can I book my vendors outside of Events Dragon?

    Once we connect you with all viable vendors through our platform, you and vendors both agree to complete any bookings through our system, per our site’s Terms of Use.  Circumventing our system may result in suspension of your and the vendors accounts.  You'll find booking all your vendors through Events Dragon will save you time, frustration and can even save you money. 

  • Do I get to communicate with the vendors before I book them?

    Of course.  You are free to communicate with any vendors that you like.  Our internal messaging system provides you with a direct connection for all viable vendors, plus complete contact info so you can connect by any means.

  • Do I pick which vendors that I will contract with?

    Absolutely!  We’ll make suggestions that are perfect based on your criteria. However, you have the flexibility to review every viable vendor that meets your criteria, and can select the one you like best.

  • How do my payments work after I make bookings for my event?

    Upon signing of contracts with your vendors, a 20% deposit on your plan is due.  Halfway to the date of your event, a 60% mid-payment is due.  Finally, 10 days prior to your event, the balance 20% is due.  All payments are made through our highly secure Stripe system

  • How does Events Dragon select from all vendor possibilities?

    Our platform confirms every available, accessible and affordable vendor which matches your event criteria.  We’ll suggest the best vendors for each category, which also comes in under your budget.

  • How will Events Dragon help plan your event?

    Simply provide your event details, which vendor categories you’ll need, and your budget and we’ll provide you with a complete suggested plan for all vendors that match every one of your needs.

  • Tell me about Events Dragon's founders?

    Events Dragon was founded by two owners with significant events industry experience, and dedicated to transparency, diversity and customer service.  Michael has been in this industry for over two decades, supplying personalized products across several categories.  Similarly, Rob is a 5-star professional photographer and videographer for nearly 15 years.  Together, we conceived of Events Dragon as the necessary next-gen evolution for event planning, and have been painstakingly designing it since 2018.  Our hand-selected team of professionals in platform development, information technologies, communications and management are all partners 100% vested in its success.  Our groundbreaking platform is based on one word ... satisfaction.  We're committed to our clients who need to plan safe and successful events, without frustrations and fears.  Also, our event industry suppliers, whom are all diligent and dedicated professionals, love showcasing their products and services here.   Michael and Rob can safely say we have produced what is ... The future of event planning!

  • What about vendor categories that are impossible to determine final costs?

    For several categories, we cannot determine total costs given the many options (I.e., exact food, flower types, etc.)  For these, we will simply allocate a portion of your budget, which you will use to discuss and finalize choices with each such vendor.

  • What are EDC Star Ratings for the vendors?

    Events Dragon (EDC) verifies a vendors' star ratings and their number of reviews basis located on external public websites (i.e.,  Wedding Wire, The Knot, Google, Facebook, etc).  We calculate the EDC Star Rating based on the weighted average from those public sites.  After your event, we will ask you to rate and review all of your seleted vendors, which will provide internal EDC ratings as well.

  • What contract will I sign?

    Each vendor you select provides their contract to Events Dragon for your electronic signatures. You’ll have the opportunity to review each contract, and when ready, you can easily e-sign through our system.


  • What if a vendor charges tax, or if there are incidental costs?

    If there are any taxes or incidental costs, they would be charged directly to you by the vendor.  Any such unique costs would depend many factors, and as such are not included in our plan. 

  • What if I have a question, comment, feedback, or if I find a bug on the site?

    We look forward to hearing from you with any questions or comments on our site, and especially if there is a problem or if you find a bug on the site.  That is why we have a special link in the bottom footer of every page called Feedback & Bugz.  Just click on this link wherever you are, and your message will be sent directly us, with our thanks!

  • What if I need changes to my product or packages after booking?

    Changes to your bookings are to be worked out directly with the vendor.

  • What if I need to reschedule or cancel my booking?

    Changes to the event date are to be worked out directly with the vendor.  If you cancel your booking without cause, you would forfeit any payments made to date. If you cancel your booking with cause, we’ll review specifics and the vendor may be required to refund all monies.

  • What if the vendor has a change or must cancel my booking?

    Changes to the event date are to be worked out directly with the vendor.  However, if not resolved with your selected vendor, we will work to find you an acceptable replacement. If we are not successful in this, you would receive a refund for all monies paid to this vendor.

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